Q: Can I add metadata?

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First, you might ask, "What is metadata?" In our parlance, metadata refers to the information about a title, as opposed to the information that's in the title. Thus, when we say metadata, we mean things like page count, title, author, price, and keywords.

To assist customers in identifying their files and organizing their libraries, please include as much metadata as possible (title, author(s), keywords, etc.). In Adobe Acrobat, metadata can be entered from the File menu > Properties.

We also recommend the use of consistent file-naming conventions for self-paced class files, using an abbreviated prefix to identify the class and file (e.g., "classname_workbook_v1.pdf"). We suggest that file names use only alphanumeric characters with dashes or underscores, to help make the file name more readable. Note that many non-alphanumeric characters are incompatible with certain operating systems, so they should be avoided. Particularly troublesome are single- and double-quotes, exclamation points, commas, and spaces, so avoid those in naming your title.

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