How do I create a discount?

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You can create and manage your discounts here: Create and Manage Special Discounts

This special discount tool allows you to create a discount offer for one of your products which you can pass on to select customers. Use this tool to create special discounts and distribute the special discount via email to customers using the "Send email to customers" tool page.

  • You can also distribute the special discount yourself through email, forums, banners, your own website, etc. Once you create a special discount using the instructions below, the special discount will then display as one of your current discounts on the table far below. The current discounts table shows you the URL website address which you can send to anyone whom you want to take advantage of the discount. Customers need only use that URL website address to visit the site and the discount product will automatically be placed in their shopping cart at the special discount price you set. The customer can then complete their check-out normally.
  • Special discount offers do not show up normally on site. They are only available through the special URL website address and only becomes available for sale when a customer uses that special link.
  • Special discount codes allow customers to purchase a product that is private on site. For example, let's say you have uploaded up a new title and set it to release on site in one week. The product remains private in our catalog until the release date you set when you uploaded it. Before its actual release date, you could create a special discount code and send it to reviewers you know, providing them with free advanced copies.
  • A more technical detail for those who care to know, each special discount is assigned a discount number in our database. This number is passed into the store as a variable in the URL in the format of:


Where the # is the discount number generated by our system.

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