How do I manage my banners?

Publisher Service -

You can manage your banners for promotion in your Publisher Hub under here: Manage Banners

  • With this feature, you can upload banner ads and enable them to run in rotation at the bottom of site pages. You may upload up to ten different banners. You spend your Publisher Promotion Points (PPP) to buy impressions for each banner you want to have in active rotation displaying on site.
  • Banners should be 1200 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall, should be in jpg or gif file format, and should have a file size of 512kB or smaller. Banners should advertise one of your products, product lines or your publisher brand. Banners which advertise things not related to products on sale from the site are prohibited.
  • The PPP cost to add more impressions to a banner varies depending on how many other publishers have banners in rotation and how many other banners you currently have in rotation. If you load up multiple copies of the same banner it will increase the number of impressions the banner sees each day, but buying impressions will cost you a bit more PPP (because you are crowding out other publishers' banners from displaying as often and the higher cost help keeps things fair between all publishers).
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