How do I analyze marketing sources?

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You can analyze your Marketing Sources here: Analyze Marketing Sources

The store uses something we call "source codes" to track the origin site of customers who make purchases from our site. Source codes can be any series of less than 32 letters and numbers and can be added to URLs (web addresses) that direct customers to the store. When a customer comes to the store with such a source code appended to the URL, our system remembers the source code and, if the customer makes a purchase, logs that source code with the purchase.

You may create any source codes you like, and in fact the most useful codes will have some meaning to you. You needn't enter them anywhere on our site; just think of a series of letters and numbers and start using them on your URLs elsewhere, linking to our store. If a customer comes to the site with a source code our database doesn't already know, it just adds the new source code.

For example, you might announce your new product release in a community site forum. Naturally, you would like to see if anyone uses the link you post in the forum to come to the store and purchase one of your titles. You might decide to create a source code like "CommunityForum1." Then, you would browse here at the store to locate the product page with your new release. In your browser’s address line, you simply append your code to the end of the URL, started off with a question mark (?):

Let’s assume your product page has a URL like this:

You would then add the ?src=CommunityForum1 code to the end of that URL so that it looks like this:

You would then highlight that entire URL, copy it, and paste it into your post on the community forum (or use it as a hyperlink on a graphic or banner).

Note that if your URL already has some code appended to it using a question mark (?), then your source code should instead begin with an ampersand (&) instead of a question mark.

For example, you might find your product page already has a ? in the URL like this:

You would then add &src=CommunityForum1 to the end of that URL so it looks like this:

You can use source codes for things like banner ads or search engine ads to determine if they were worth your marketing investment. Use them in your link to the store on your website or even your signature line in forums or emails - wherever you create links to your products. When you link to the store, it is almost always best to link people to your publisher page, product line page, or a specific product page rather than to the homepage of the store. That way, prospective customers will have an easier time finding your titles.

Source codes are stored for each unique customer for up to 7 days (or until overwritten by another source code variable). In this way, the customer’s return visits are also counted to the original source code for a full week. 

Finally, you may use the reporting options below to see what sales you have received from various source codes.

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