How does the print program work?

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The print program is purely optional. You choose to participate on a title-by-title basis. Once you choose to join the program, you can choose which of your titles you would like to offer in print. You can activate or deactivate print options for each of your titles at any time.

In your publisher agreement, you gained access to the publisher tool pages in the BOOK PRINTING section of your publisher menu. You can use the "Upload and manage printed book files" tool there to set up a print option for any of your titles (or multiple print options if you want to give customers the option to buy in either softcover or hardcover, for example). You will need to upload files prepared specifically for print use (which are not formatted or prepared in the same way as their digital counterparts – see this page) and then set the price customers will pay to purchase your title in print.

Once you upload your print files and complete the set-up, we run a few additional processes on your files and then transmit them to our print partner, Lightning Source. Your print files then run through pre-media processing at Lightning Source to verify that the files can be printed. If there are any problems, you will receive pre-media error messages via email notifying you of the file errors that need correction. The status of your print files and any pre-media error messages are also shown on the "Upload and Manage print products" page. 

If your files encounter errors in pre-media, you will need to fix the errors and re-upload corrected files, once again using the "Upload and manage printed book files" publisher tool.

When your files successfully pass through pre-media (typically 3-5 business days after you upload them), you will receive an email notifying you that the product is ready for proofing.

You must then order your proof.

Once you receive and inspect your proof copy, you can then decide if the product is acceptable for customer purchase, or if you need to make further changes to your print files.

Only once you have approved a physical proof should you finalize the customer price for the print option and then activate the title for customer purchase in print.

Once the print version of your title is live for customer purchases, customers who visit your product page will see options such as the following:

    Watermarked PDF: $7.50
    Softcover B&W: $14.99
    Watermarked PDF + Softcover B&W: $19.99

Customers can select the option they prefer before adding the item to their shopping cart. When a customer places an order for a print title, we have the copy printed, packaged and shipped to the customer on your behalf.

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