What types of book sizes and formats are available?

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You can find our list of formats and costs here: Print Sizes and Formats

Although Lightning Source has other hardcover sizes available, such as those restricted to creme paper and/or dust jacket versions of hardback books, we do not currently support those paper/book types, although we plan to add those options in the future.

Important Reminders

  • We have integrated our servers with Lightning Source, a premier print-on-demand company. When customers order print titles on site, we transmit the order electronically to Lightning Source's print facility either in Tennessee, USA, or in the United Kingdom (depending on where the customer is located), where Lightning Source prints, packs, and ships the order.
  • We add a 30-cent ($0.30, or about .20 UK pound) processing fee to the actual print cost we pay our printer. All print costs you see displayed here on the marketplace include this processing fee. Thus, a print title that has a base print cost of $3.70 will have a total print cost of $4.00. We add this fee to cover credit card or Paypal payment processing fees.

    For those who'd like more detail: When a print title sells for $10, where $4 of that is the actual (base) print cost, we pay a processing fee on the entire $10. For the $6 margin of that, which we split with you, the payment processing on the $6 comes out of our cut on the $6 margin. Since the $4 is our direct pass-through cost, though, we have no fee to cover the payment processing on the $4. Hence, we cannot be sure of recapturing those costs on our share of the margin because you may choose to set a very low (or even zero) margin on a title, so we assess the processing fee to avoid losing money on every sale of some low-priced products.

  • There are two type of color printing: standard color and premium color. Standard color and black & white interior books are both printed on 50lb white paper stock ONLY (the cover generator may offer other stock, but we currently only print on 50lb). Premium color is printed on 70lb. white paper stock. Standard color presses work on an inkjet technology and the colors are not quite as vivid as the premium color presses. Standard color costs significantly less than premium color.
  • Note that softcover, premium color books that are less than or equal to 48 pages will be saddle-stitched. Over 48 pages will be perfect bound.
  • We do have Quantity Discount available as well. Discounts are based on the quantity of each line item of an order, not based on the total summed quantity for all line items in the order. Discounts are applied automatically on the cart page before checkout whenever you change the quantity of a line item in your order to be more than 50 copies.
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