Common Book Errors

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"My proof copy arrived and there are white blocks on some pages."

This problem most commonly occurs if the file is not PDF/X-a1:2001 compliant.

"My book did not clear pre-media because of size/bleed/gutter."

This error typically happens for one of four reasons:

  • A color book has no bleed and it should.
  • A color book has no gutter allowance and it should.
  • The publisher accidentally clicked the wrong book size when uploading print files.
  • The book was created at the wrong size.

"My book did not clear pre-media because of 'ink coverage.'"

Our printer only allows ink coverage up to 240%. You may need to go back and correct your source files and re-export.

"My book did not clear pre-media because of problems with the cover."

Double-check that you have used the proper template and that it was created using the Cover Template Generator; also make sure that you have no barcode on the back cover of the book.

For these and other common errors, with hints on how to correct them, you can check out the Correcting Common Print Errors page.

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