How do I get my book ready for print?

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You will need to create new files specifically for printing, which has different requirements and specifications than your digital files for download.

Your existing digital files remain as they are, and new titles you release for download should be prepared to our download specifications. Customers who purchase your download versions will continue to receive those files.

All print titles require two PDF files: one wrap-around cover file, and one interior contents file (also called a "book block file"). Covers should be produced as a single document page (using the correct Lightning Source cover template) and include the front, spine and back of the book, along with 0.125-inch bleed on all sides.

You must use the Cover Template Generator provided by Lightning Source ( The Cover Template Generator, it will require you to enter an ISBN.

Please enter all zeroes (i.e., 000-0-0000-0000-0) for the ISBN; even if your book has an ISBN, please use all zeroes instead.

Note that perfect-bound books under 48 pages cannot have any text on the spine of the book.

Files should be compliant with PDF/X-1a:2001.

You can get more detailed file specification information from our How to Prepare a Print Title page.

You will set up your titles in our system alongside your download files, without needing to set up a second listing for that particular title.


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