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Under TITLE MANAGEMENT, choose "Set up a new title."

If you have set up previous titles and the new title you are setting up is similar, select the previous title from the "Use Template:" pull-down menu at the top of the page and click Apply to auto fill the Title Data. You can then edit the information to match the new title. If you do not have any previous titles entered, just fill in the info as the walkthrough indicates below.

Enter Title, Author(s), Artist(s), Number of pages, Download price, and Product page text (a description of the product).

For Cover image: Choose File, select an image file to act as your book's cover. (Images can be up to 900 pixels wide, and in GIF or JPG format, and should be in 8.5 x 11 or A4 portrait aspect ratio. For quicker load times of your cover images, please try to keep their file size under 200kb.)

Click the Category Assignments Filters that best describe/suit your product.

Source of PDF file should be "Electronic format" unless the product was scanned in, then choose "Scanned image."

Add a purchase note if you choose (to thank the customer, to suggestively sell another product of yours, etc.).

Click "Save Title Data and Continue to Preview Description."

If everything is accepted, the next page will show a TON of technical line items, plus a description preview (and a chance to edit it). If all looks good, click "Save and Continue." You will next be at ...


Here is where you will need to upload your digital file. You do not have to activate it, but will not be able to upload a print file, without first uploading your digital file.

To upload a your digital file:

Click the "Upload file(s)" button. A new window will open.

Click "Select Files to Add." Choose your digital file for upload. You can upload multiple files here. If there are multiple file formats, the PDF should be uploaded first, so that the first few pages of the flash book preview will function correctly.

Under "Product File Type" select "Watermarked PDF" (unless there are multiple file types, then select "multiple file types") and click the "Set" button.

You can also set the file to "Active" here and it will go live.

Click the "Done Editing Files" button.

You can close this window.

If you are only uploading a digital file, then you are done! If you would like to upload a print file as well, please continue!

Under BOOK PRINTING, click "Upload and manage printed book files."

Select your Product from the pull-down menu, and your book type from the "Choose Print Format" pull-down menu, then click "Manage Print Options." (For more information about preparing files for print, please see the "Getting Started.")

Here you will upload your Cover File and your Content file. Choose "Select Files to Add" under Cover File and choose your PDF file to upload. Then repeat on the next line with the Content File

After checking the ink coverage limit box, click "Select Files to Add" and choose your PDF file to upload.

Be sure to select the correct Print Size before clicking "Continue."

[For more information about preparing files for print, please see the "Preparing your book for print"]

You'll now be at the "Set pricing of Book(s) option" page.

If you have a digital version of your book, set that selling price.

Input your margin for your printed book product (to get your retail price).

Click the "Complete Setup" button. You should get a confirmation message, "Print option successfully added."

If this is a new product, you'll need to order a proof copy prior to activating your product. It will take a few days (up to a week) for the file to clear Premedia, and you will receive an email saying it has cleared or that it has failed. When it's clear, you can order a proof. If you are happy with your proof, you are ready to activate your product.

When you are ready to order a proof, under BOOK PRINTING, click "Upload and manage printed book files." Find the title under "Edit Existing Print Product," click the link "Order Proof" (found in the table under Current Price), and proceed through checkout.

NOTE: The Order Proof button will not appear until the book has cleared Premedia.

To activate your product for sale, under BOOK PRINTING, click "Upload and manage printed book files."

Find the product listing under "Edit Existing Print Product" then to activate, simply click the "toggle" button; the No will change to Yes.

NOTE: If you are a new (non-verified) publisher, the "Make Active" button will read "Request Activation." Click to notify publisher services. Approval for a new publisher's product usually takes 2-3 business days.

NOTE: If this is a new book, you will be unable to activate until you receive your hard proof.

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