How do I upload or update my title's digital download file?

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You can upload or update your digital files here: Updating digital download files.



  • Check out our PDF file recommendations 
  • A title may have multiple files associated to it. Customers will get links to each file after purchase.
  • If you've selected for our server to automatically generate previews, then our server will attempt to generate previews from whichever of your files is  first in the list of files for download for that title. If the file is not a PDF file, the preview generation will fail. You can change which file the server should use to generate previews with the Manage Previews tool.
  • Once your upload starts, do not log out of your account or open your account in another browser window or the file will fail in upload.
  • If you are updating the files for a title that has already been on sale and you do not want to update previous customer's Library files and notify them, then make sure the boxes are unchecked.
  • The file size max is about 2 GB. 
  • You can change the file name that your customer sees at the bottom of the page.
  • Make sure to click what type of file it is in the drop down menu and click Set. It will automatically show as PDF but if you're uploading an alternative file type, like a zip, make sure to select that type and set it to ensure the download goes through accurately
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