How can I edit my previews for my titles?

Publisher Service -

You can manage your previews here: Manage Previews

In order to update your previews, whether it's Quick Preview, Audio Preview, PDF Preview, or Custom Preview, you must go through the manage preview option on your publisher hub. After you edit your previews, make sure to turn these options on under your Edit a Title Listing.

Important Reminders

  • PDF and Quick Preview will show only when the file selected is a PDF. If you have a ZIP file, upload a separate PDF for the preview; it can be several pages long if you like, to give your customers an idea of what the full product looks like. 
  • If Quick Preview and PDF preview are not working and you are utilizing a PDF, you can move to Custom Preview, which will allow for the preview to open in a new window. It cannot be over 4MB. In Custom Preview, you can also direct customers to your website to see a preview hosted there.
  • Even if you do not have an audio title, you can upload an Audio Preview through which you can speak to your customers. It will not be altered in any way, nor will it be watermarked. We accept only MP3 format for Audio Previews.
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